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Utility FAQ

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All new residents of the City of Maple Plain need to complete a Utility Agreement Application and return it to city hall. This application is necessary to ensure the correct resident is receiving the bills for services rendered at the properties located within the City of Maple Plain. 


Each year, all accounts with an amount past due will be sent a notice of possible assessment of that amount. This notice will be sent to the owner for record. It will include the dates of an Administrative hearing and the date of the City Council hearing to certify the assessment roll. If you pay the amount past due, no further action on your part is necessary. If you have questions about the amount you owe, call City Hall at 763-479-0515 for clarification.

As a homeowner, you are able to check your meter to calculate your usage at any time. The meter is generally located downstairs or in a utility room, where the water enters your home. On the face of the meter, that is a dial that reads like a car odometer. 

Call City Hall at 763-479-0515 or email sspicer@mapleplain.com. Please provide the following information to ensure the account it updated correctly:

  • The address or account number of the property
  • The date the change of possession is taking place
  • The name of the new owners, if available
  • Your forwarding address for the final bill to be mailed

The City bills are currently monthly. The City will be switching to quarterly billing. 

Below is the transition schedule.

September 2017: Monthly Bill for August

October 2017: Monthly Bill for September

November 2017: No Utility Bill

December 2017: No Utility Bill

January 2018: Quarterly Bill for October, November, and December    

Any property that is connected to, and has available for use, water and sewer utilities, will receive a minimum service charge. 

The bill that you receive is a Storm Water Management fee. This is a charge that all properties within the city receive regardless of the stage of development on the land. 

For the first billing of the year, the sewer charge is reset based on your water use in the first quarter. This is the maximum you will be charged for sewer during any quarter that year. If you use less water during a quarter, the sewer charge will go down based on your water use for that bill. In the summer, when water use is usually higher, the sewer maximum has already been set so you won't be paying for sanitary sewer charges for your outside water use. 

  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Water
  • Storm Water Management
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Minnesota State Water Fee

There are a number of reasons water usage increases:

  • Do you have faucets that are dripping or leaking?
  • Does the toilet fail to shut off after flushing?
  • Is your water softener malfunctioning?
  • Is this a billing period that may include outside summer watering

All of these things can increase water consumption dramatically.