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Snow Plowing FAQ

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From November 1 through April 15 of each year, it shall be unlawful for any person to park or permit to be parked any vehicle upon any city street between the hours of 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. Following  a snow fall of 3 inches or more in depth, it shall be unlawful to park or permit to be parked, or continue to park or permit to stand, any vehicle upon any city street until the time as the snow has been plowed from the street or the same has been otherwise disposed of.

It is not required by the City but it will help the mailman and prevent you from slipping on ice or snow when getting your mail. Also, if the snow builds up too much, the post office may refuse to deliver your mail.

It is not required by the City but it is a good idea in case there is an emergency.

Placing reflectors along the curb can help plow drivers see and follow the road edge during operations but with varying weather conditions, some sod damage may be inevitable. Please report any sod damage and crews will re-seed the area in the spring.

Please report any possible damage to Public Works at 763-479-0525 or publicworks@mapleplain.com.

Plows typically begin plowing after 2” of snow fall but may be out earlier if the conditions are creating dangerous driving conditions.

As the plow turns a corner, snow can build up inside the plow and then is discharged at the next driveway or once the plow picks up speed.