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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please complete the City Application Form and return it to Maple Plain City Hall, 5050 Independence Street, Maple Plain, MN 55359.

Maple Plain City offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. 

Call City Hall at 763-479-0515 for general questions.

Call Public Works at 763-479-0525 for public works questions.

The Maple Plain Post Office is located at 5179 Main St E, Maple Plain, MN 55359. Their direct phone number is 763-479-1514.

For emergencies, dial 911.

West Hennpein Public Safety
1918 County Road 90
Maple Plain, MN 55359 

Fax: 763-479-0504 
Website: www.westhennepin.com

Office Hours:
Monday- Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

The City will repair damage or replace a mailbox only if the mailbox and its supporting posts are properly located behind the curb or along the edge of the street, and if the damage is the result of actual contact by the snowplow. The City will not assume responsibility for damages that are caused by mailboxes protruding into the street or that are damaged simply by snow pressure or snow rolling off the plow or wing. To file a complaint, please contact the Public Works Department at 763-479-0525 or publicworks@mapleplain.com.

Pay your utility bills online by clicking here. Payments are accepted via Payment Services Network. First time users will need their Maple Plain utility account number. All users of the service will also be able to pay for other things online, such as building permits, licenses, etc.

Not a resident or business owner? You, too, can pay for permits, licenses and event registrations online by clicking here.

You may pay by credit card - Visa, MasterCard or Discover - or pay by e-check directly from your checking or savings account. You may also phone in your payments by calling 1.877.885.7968.

The City sends out a quarterly newsletter in your utility bill. In addition, staff updates the website and Facebook page with announcements.

You may also subscribe to our Newsletter email.