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Water & Sewer

The City of Maple Plain provides water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer to residents and businesses. The Public Works Department manages the operation, maintenance, and repairs of these systems to ensure the quality and safety of these essential utility services.  

For the purposes of setting up and regulating water softening systems the hardness level is 18.6 grains; iron content is .01 ppm.


Your local water system is required to do lead and copper testing at least every three years at different locations within your distribution system.  Your assistance is needed to help compile the data required to track the materials used in the service lines and plumbing.  

You can find the survey as an insert with your October utility bill or click HERE for a printable copy or  HERE  for a fillable pdf (to fill and print or send by email).

The survey can be mailed to City of Maple Plain, PO Box 97, Maple Plain MN  55359 or dropped off a City Hall (Monday - Friday 9 am to 4 pm) or dropped in the Utility Payment Box at City Hall (24/7) or emailed to jnorlander@mapleplain.com.

Thank you for helping us continue to provide clean and safe water to your community.

Drinking Water Report (Consumer Confidence Report)

Each year, the City of Maple Plain issues the results of monitoring done on its drinking water for the period from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. The purpose of the report is to advance consumer's understanding of drinking water and heighten awareness of the need to protect precious water resources.

View the current report: 2022 Drinking Water Report

To get a paper copy of the report call the City of Maple Plain at 763-479-0515.

Past Drinking Water Reports

2021 Drinking Water Report
2020 Drinking Water Report
2019 Drinking Water Report
2018 Drinking Water Report
2017 Drinking Water Report
2016 Drinking Water Report
2015 Drinking Water Report
2014 Drinking Water Report
2013 Drinking Water Report
2012 Drinking Water Report
2011 Drinking Water Report

The City has created a link for you to report water quality issues directly to the Public Works Department. This will enable staff to see if some areas are worse than others and find appropriate solutions. Please click here to report water quality issues.

If you have questions about your utility bill, please visit the Utility Billing page.

Managing Stormwater on your Property
Questions about managing stormwater on your property? The City has put together a few helpful tips that may assist you in this process. To view these tips, click the "Managing Stormwater on your Property" header, or click here.

Cloudy/Milky Water?
Occasionally, glasses of water may appear cloudy or milky before it clears up. This may be happening for a few reasons:

  1. The water in the pipes is under more pressure than the water in the glass. 
  2. The water in the glass contains a large number of tiny air bubbles. 
The solubility of air in water increases as pressure increases and/or water temperature decreases. Cold water holds more air than warm water. This is especially visible in the winter, as water travels from the very cold reservoir and warms as it travels to your tap. Pressure may also play a role as the pipes are pressurized to a degree (this helps get the water from the tower to your home). Water under pressure holds more air than water that is not pressurized. Once the water exits your tap, it is no longer under pressure and the air comes out of solution as bubbles. Letting the glass sit should result in the bubbles disappearing naturally.

If milky/cloudy water persists, please use the above form to report water quality issues or call City Hall at 763-479-0515.