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Street Improvement Plan

The City of Maple Plan considers and funds street construction/rehabilitation projects based on the City's Street Improvement Plan. This plan prioritizes roadway improvements based on a variety of factors, including age and condition of the roadway and replacement schedules of utilities located under the street. 

Additionally, this plan includes a schedule for seal coating. Seal coating is a process of distributing bituminous oil, or liquid asphalt, on the street surface and then covering it with small rock chips. After the rock has been allowed to work into the oil, approximately 10-14 days, the excess rock is swept up and the seal coat provides the street a new water proof surface and uniform look. Consequently, seal coating does not add strength to the street, therefore, it is not used on older streets that need other types of repair such as overlaying or total reconstruction. Generally streets are seal coated every 5-6 years. 

This plan is continually reviewed and may be modified based on changing circumstances.

Current Plan: 

Street Improvement Plan 2023 - 2034 (PDF)

Previous Plans:

Street Improvement Plan Map 2017-2030 (PDF)

Street Improvement Plan Table 2017-2030 (PDF)