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Hydrant Flushing

   On a regular basis, the Public Works Department flushes water lines through the use of fire hydrants. Flushing hydrants is very important to the maintenance of the city’s water system and helps to ensure good water quality throughout the system. Dates and times vary according to weather conditions and city crew's work schedule.   

     During hydrant flushing, it is not unusual for residents to periodically experience discolored water, pressure changes, and/or an increased chlorine odor. Sediment present in the water is not a health issue, but it may impact the aesthetic quality (taste, odor, color) of the water.     

     If you see the city crew flushing hydrants in your area, avoid running tap water and using the washing machine until the flushing has been completed. If you encounter discolored water after hydrant flushing, shut the water off for several minutes, then check for clarity by running cold water for a few minutes allowing new water to work its way into the pipes. Before washing laundry, wait until the water runs clear at the tap.