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Election Judges

The City of Maple Plain is looking for election judges for three elections in 2020.  Election judges are paid positions that supervise and help with elections at the polls.  Being an election judge is a fun way to meet your neighbors and a great service to your community.  The three elections are being held on March 3rd, August 11th, and November 3rd. 

To be considered for an election judge position you must:

  • be eligible to vote in Minnesota
  • read, write, and speak English
  • attend the required election judge training.

General duties of an election judge include:

  • opening and closing the polls
  • registering and signing in voters using an iPad
  • being responsible for the security of all election materials
  • distributing and collecting ballots
  • helping voters that require assistance
  • recording and certifying vote totals.

If you are interested in performing this service please complete the Election Judge Application and submit it to City Hall in person, by mail or email.

Any questions?  Contact Sharon at 763-479-0515 or sspicer@mapleplain.com.